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Coaches Ruth & Joyce after one of their performances in the US

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Coach Ruth during one of Sephira School of Music red carpet themed weeks!

Together, sisters Ruth and Joyce have created "Sephira School of Music" - music coaching focused on musical development and confidence building all in one. Using the Sephira Method of Teaching (inspired by Ruth & Joyce O'Leary) we aim to give our students the skills and self confidence to perform fearlessly. Our ultimate goal is for the individual to experience playing music as an exciting part of their lives especially when it comes to performing in front of an audience. Suitable for ages: 4 and up.

Instruments: Violin | Piano | Ukulele

"We can all practice for hours upon hours at home and perform a piece perfectly in our practice room. When it comes to performing in front of an audience, it’s time to let your star shine brightly. A beaming smile and strong stage confidence is what will make the experience of performing so exhilarating! Here is where we can help you get to this amazing place!" - Ruth O'Leary (SS Music Coach)

For availability and pricing, call  +353 85 2052384 or email


We are excited to announce the following group classes happening within Sephira School of Music

over the coming weeks and months!

1. Group Classes (beginners age 4-15) - click here for more details.

2. Adult Group Classes (beginners - intermediate - range of instruments) - click here for more details.

3. Irish Superstar Orchestra (OPEN AUDITIONS - all ages and abilities welcome) - click here for more details.


To register for a group class, click here.

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{ Superstar Orchestra }

Students’ progress SKYROCKETS after Masterclasses!

As a result, we are super excited to announce OPEN AUDITIONS for our brand new Irish Superstar Orchestra. Any age/ability is welcome. It will take time to build but it will be a SUPER addition to our local area - a national gem in our local community.  We are taking confident steps towards creating our vision - we BELIEVE that with your help, we will get there. 


Our mission:

Using the Sephira Method of Teaching (inspired by Ruth & Joyce O'Leary) we aim to give our students the skills, confidence and resilience to perform fearlessly.

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Another service we offer is the exclusive Superstar Package - a one hour online coaching session with Sephira - Ruth & Joyce O'Leary and will cover a range of helpful topics all mentioned below.

This coaching session is perfect for anyone wishing to kickstart their music career and is in need of guidance. We will help guide you in every way we can. 

For a quote, please call +353 85 2052384 or email 


  • Find your inner rockstar

  • Overcome nerves

  • Backstage prep

  • How to choose a setlist 


  • Find your unique sound

  • Discover a new you

  • Perform the songs you love in YOUR style

  • CONFIDENCE building


  • Discover your onstage look

  • Merging online brand with onstage brand

  • Support & guidance from Sephira - in the music business 15 years.

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During the Pandemic, all music coaching sessions were pivoted to online and music sessions and have now been made available worldwide! Check out this video to see who has been keeping an eye on things!

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