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Wednesday Calendar 2022/ 2023


Semester 1

Semester 2

Term 1

Week 1: 7th Sep (Payment due)

Week 2: 14th Sep

Week 3: 21st Sep

Week 4: 28th Sep

Term 2

Week 1: 5th Oct (Payment due)

Week 2: 12th Oct

Week 3: 19th Oct

Week 4: 26th Oct

Week 5: 9th Nov

Term 3

Week 1: 16th Nov (Payment due)

Week 2: 23rd Nov

Week 3: 30th Nov

Week 4: 7th Dec

Week 5: 14th Dec

Christmas Concert - 16th Dec

Term 1

Week 1: 18th Jan (Payment due)

Week 2: 25th Jan

Week 3: 1st Feb

Week 4: 8th Feb 

Term 2

Week 1: 22nd Feb (Payment due)

Week 2: 1st March

Week 3: 8th March

Week 4: 15th March

Week 5: 22nd March*

Term 3

Week 1: 29th March (Payment due)*

Week 2: 19th April 

Week 3: 26th April

Week 4: 3rd May 

Term 4

Week 1: 10th May (Payment due)

Week 2: 17th May

Week 3: 24th May

Week 4: 31st May

*Missed Class Schedule 

Class 1: 7th June

Class 2: 14th June

If you missed 1 class, attend Class 1. If you missed 2 classes, attend Class 1 and 2.

Please read this Important information :

  • When you pay for your child’s classes, you are also holding your child’s place at Sephira School of Music. 

  • For individual classes, in the case of a missed class, if a re-schedule is not possible, the fees are non-refundable.  Bear in mind, Ruth & Joyce always do their best to facilitate change.

  • Fees for each term must be paid in full on the “Payment Due” dates. (If you are experiencing difficulties paying on time, please do let Ruth or Joyce know)

  • Term Fees: Fees are payable by cash in a sealed envelope with your Superstar’s name on it. 

  • Your Superstar is being coached by international performing artists so there may be times where Ruth & Joyce need to fly overseas for an important event at late notice.   With this in mind, there may be times that a scheduled in-person lesson may have to be replaced by an online lesson.

  • Sephira School of Music reserves the right to add to or change the terms and conditions.

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