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  • What teaching method will my child be learning?
    The Sephira Method: The Sephira Method of teaching combines fundamental classical training with a crossover of contemporary & Irish influence. At Sephira School of Music, our advanced teaching techniques are derived from Sephira’s extensive global performance training, experience and exploration. Drawing from classical training at prestigious institutions including Guildhall School of Music in London, Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, and Mozarteum University of Salzburg, as well as performances on renowned international stages such as Royal Albert Hall, London, Radio City Music Hall, New York, and arenas across the world, Sephira have re-defined their classical foundation to craft an exceptional world-class career. “The symbiosis and pure joy of working so closely with another musician to the point that your synchronicity is innate is what has driven us to impart the Sephira Method to a younger generation.
  • What is Masterclass Style Group Learning?
    We're thrilled to be elevating to Masterclass Style Group learning at Sephira School of Music as an enriching alternative to traditional 1:1 classes. Designed to offer the benefits of group interaction while maintaining a focus on individual attention, these classes provide an engaging and collaborative learning environment for your child. We ensure that every student receives personalized guidance and tailored feedback, fostering skill refinement and growth. Your child will have the opportunity to delve deeply into musical topics, actively participate in discussions, and connect with peers who share their passion. By implementing this change, we aim to create a space where your child can thrive both as a musician and as part of our close-knit musical community. Levels of progress & comfort of students within groupings will be assessed and tweaked, if necessary.
  • What is a Group Masterclass?
    This is a benefit in both Elevate and Premium plans. As your child elevates through the learning tiers, they can immerse themselves in the world of Sephira School of Music's Masterclasses where large group expert-led sessions come alive. Embrace holistic learning, with precise guidance, collaborative learning, focused topics, and real-time practice. From performance opportunities to gaining inspiration, receiving constructive feedback, and expanding your friends network, our Group Masterclasses offer a direct path to skill enhancement.
  • What is a Performance Masterclass?
    This is a benefit in the Premium plan. Performance Masterclass focuses on solo performance techniques within a group setting. This learning environment will be hugely beneficial to exam students for both group and individual exam repertoire. Masterclass style learning isn't just learning; it's a transformative approach. Playing as a group fosters accountability, sparking a shift in brain function that amplifies the benefits of learning. Discover a style that not only nurtures musical skills but also shapes responsible, collaborative musicians who can have lots of fun while becoming Superstar musicians.
  • What is the Kidz Teach Kidz Program?
    Sephira School of Music's "Kidz Teach Kidz" method is an innovative and engaging approach that fosters a unique learning experience for young musicians. Centered around the idea of peer-to-peer education, this method encourages beginner students to become both learners and teachers. In this program, young musicians, such as violinists or pianists take on the role of instructors, creating their own tutorial videos based on the skills they've acquired in their classes. The curriculum spans several weeks, guiding students through fundamental techniques and concepts specific to their chosen instrument. Each week, participants are assigned a video challenge to create a tutorial that covers a specific topic, ranging from basic technique and note reading to more advanced aspects of playing, such as dynamics and improvisation. Through these challenges, students not only solidify their own understanding but also enhance their communication skills, creativity, and confidence as they explain concepts to their peers in a relatable and accessible manner. The "Kidz Teach Kidz" method aims to empower young musicians by allowing them to take ownership of their learning journey and contribute to a collaborative and supportive musical community. By creating a space where kids teach other kids, the program nurtures leadership skills, teamwork, and a deeper appreciation for music. Ultimately, this method goes beyond traditional learning by fostering a dynamic and inspiring environment where every student can grow as a musician and a mentor. Parents, here's your chance to shine too! Embrace the SSM Kidz Teach Kidz approach, where kids take the lead as educators at home. They create Video Tutorials to showcase their skills – and you might just be their chosen "student" they're excited to teach! Join the fun and support their musical journey. End of term video submissions due last Fri of each term - upload to student portal! Choose a new skill each month Choose a student - (parent, sister, brother, friend) Record monthly video tutorial At the end of each semester, there will be a prize for the student who provides the most educational (and entertaining) tutorial!
  • Where are the classes taking place?
    Duagh Sports Complex
  • Do you offer Formal Exams?
    Yes, we do offer formal exams. Taking them is not compulsory. Basic plan: you learn the exam syllabus but would not be prepared to sit the exam. Elevate and Premium plans: avail of full exam preparation in these plans. The Masterclasses provided in these plans gives the time needed to fully prepare for exams. Our chosen SSM exam body is RSL Classical Awards. RSL Classical Awards is an international awarding body based in London, UK. Over the last 30 years, RSL has changed the landscape of Creative Industries education and is internationally recognized. Through researching examination boards both here in Ireland and the UK, RSL is the examination board that most aligns with the Sephira ethos and with the type of musician we are training at Sephira School of Music. IMPORTANT: For those who have already purchased repertoire or exam books for the RIAM exams, you can use the same exam pieces for RSL Classical Awards. If you would like to have further discussion with us about the changeover, or feel strongly about staying with RIAM for any reason, we are more than happy to discuss. RSL Awards Benefits: Aligned Vision: Harmony between Sephira's beliefs and RSL's approach. Artistic Freedom: perform Classical Repertoire & incorporate popular hits. Excellent Curriculum: easy to comprehend with clear cut goals Internationally recognized: as you go up the levels, RSL awards are accepted by colleges and universities internationally as a route to further study Exceptional: Exceptional online learning aids Group Performance Exams: teamwork = dreamwork Self-Composition: encouraging performance of personal compositions Improvisation Emphasis: RSL's exam syllabus cultivates improvisational skills Path to Stardom: Paving the way for potential future music careers. Holistic Enrichment: RSL Awards' framework enhances the musical journey. Versatile Growth: Opportunities for students to thrive and evolve musically
  • What are Group Performance Examinations?
    We are so excited that RSL Group Performance Examinations are now available. A fun way to accelerate your learning! Read More here: IMPORTANT: For those who have already purchased repertoire for the RIAM exams, you can use the same exam pieces for RSL Classical Awards and Rockschool.
  • How long is the SSM Calendar year?
    10 months
  • How do I pay for my SSM Membership?
    Introducing our streamlined payment system. Fees for the upcoming 10 months are automatically invoiced on the 15th of each month from Sep 15th - June 15th inclusive. Once you have registered or re-registered, your card on file will be charged only when classes are fully booked and confirmed, ensuring a worry-free experience. Please note that we don't accept bank transfers, cash, or manual payments.
  • How is SSM Membership priced?
    SSM Membership is divided into three distinct pricing tiers, tailored to suit both student and parent. With autopay now in place, your monthly fee spread across 10 months will automatically be invoiced on the 15th of each month from Sep 15th - June 15th inclusive. Your card on file will be charged once the student's place is fully booked and confirmed, ensuring a worry-free experience. Basic: €85/mo (10 month membership) - pay monthly Total: 30 classes 30 mins | 28 classes | 3-5 members 2 Fun Themed Rehearsals | 60 mins Perfect for beginners Pay Yearly & Save: €85/year - €765/year __________________________________________________________________ Elevate: €110/mo (10 month membership) - pay monthly Total: 35 classes 30 min |28 classes | 3-5 members 7 Group Masterclasses | 60 mins Themed Rehearsals Grade Exam Preparation* Perfect for intermediate Pay Yearly & Save €110/yr - €990/year _________________________________________________________________ Premium: €175/mo (10 month membership) - pay monthly Total: 40 classes 28 weekly classes | 45 mins | 3-5 members 7 Group Masterclasses |60 mins 5 Performance Masterclasses Themed Rehearsals Pathway to a “show ready” performer Grade Exam preparation* Unlock Summer Academy discount Perfect for Intermediate/Advanced Pay Yearly & Save €175/yr | Total: €1575/year
  • Do I still pay the same for months like December where there are less classes?
    Yes, you do. Why? Because your membership is spread evenly across 10 months giving you the benefit of constant access to our online portal in between classes/Masterclasses. Another huge benefit is knowing what to expect, budget wise - predictable payments - and not having to pay extra in the months where you have extra classes or Masterclasses scheduled.
  • What Membership plan is most suited to my child?
    Basic €85/mo: perfect for under 7’s & beginners. For students who are not quite ready to take a step into the Group Masterclass. Elevate €110/mo: perfect for intermediate players & beginners who the mentors feel would be ready for Group Masterclasses & Exam preparation but not quite ready for Performance Masterclass level. Premium €175/mo: perfect for more intermediate to advanced players who want access to Exam Preparation, Group Masterclasses, Performance Masterclasses, High level Performance Coaching & an Intro to Musicpreneur Mentorship. All plans are created to be as cost effective as possible, while getting a stellar music education. After reading the suggestions above and if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask us for guidance on what Membership most suits your Superstar and your family! For present students, call Ruth on 0852052384 or Joyce on 0879600067. For new students, please email
  • How many members per weekly class?
    At SSM, we prioritize a personalized and immersive learning experience. Our weekly classes are intentionally designed to accommodate a limited number. Classes may be filled with a maximum of 5 per class making trios, quartets or even quintets a real possibility! With these groupings, we can provide individualized attention and support to every student, and promote peer to peer demonstrations, learning and encouragement.
  • How are class members assigned?
    At Sephira School of Music, nothing happens by accident! Every change we implement is a mix of diligently thought through precision while also allowing for creative flow. Our focus is on creating a supportive and diverse learning environment. We prioritize factors like interests rather than solely focusing on ability, resulting in a well-rounded and collaborative learning experience. Pending availability, new students are invited to join throughout the year, and their group placement is carefully arranged. When a new student enrolls, we assign them to a group based on space availability, age, and musical interests. At SSM, we believe in fostering a memorable musical journey for all students, where every individual's unique qualities contribute to the enriching group dynamic.
  • Do classes run during school holidays?
    Sometimes! If rescheduling happens, it may run into a school holiday. Click the button below for the full schedule.
  • How do you manage absences?
    At Sephira School of Music, we've got a plan in place for missed classes. Unscheduled Mentor Absences: To replace unscheduled absences by mentors, if a reschedule is not possible, SSM endeavour to provide access to upskilling online Masterclasses sometimes offering unplanned performance opportunities - encouraging students to keep up their practice in order to be prepared for unforeseen performances. Student absences: If a student needs to cancel a class, we will do our best to offer an alternative time slot for that week, if one is available. If you need to cancel a lesson please login to the student portal to update your schedule accordingly. A demo can be found here: For full details on cancellation policy, click on the link below for T & C’s cancellation policy.
  • Are there performance/collaboration opportunities?
    YES! At Sephira School of Music, we believe that the joy of learning an instrument is magnified when the student has the chance to showcase their newfound skills to the world. You gain access to weekly musical collaborations with group members, Themed Rehearsals, Group Masterclasses, Performance Masterclasses & SSM Kidz Teach Kidz Method.
  • Can Parents Participate or Observe classes?
    While we encourage parental engagement, our cosy environment limits physical space for observations. Striking a balance between involvement and independence is vital. For parents interested in observing, kindly book a “parental observation slot” in advance. This ensures ample physical space. Your understanding of space limitations helps foster an optimal learning setting for all. Parents, here's your chance to shine too! Embrace the SSM Kidz Teach Kidz approach, where kids take the lead as educators at home. They create Video Tutorials to showcase their skills – and you might just be their chosen "student" they're excited to teach! Join the fun and support their musical journey.
  • Any testimonials or feedback from parents/students/schools?
    For more than two decades, we've been honored to receive incredible feedback from parents, students, schools, and universities. This recognition spans across Ireland and the global stage, where we've successfully delivered Music Education and Confidence Building Programs. Click on the link below.
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