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Terms and Conditions for Sephira School of Music

Opening Dates: 2023/24 School Year


Term 1

18th Sep - 28th Oct 

Halloween Break: 29th Oct - Nov 5th

Term 2

6th Nov - 16th Dec 

Christmas Break: 17th Dec -7th Jan ‘24- NO CLASSES


Term 3 

8th Jan ‘24 - 17th Feb 


Term 4

19th Feb - 29th March 

Spring Holiday 30th Mar-7th April- NO CLASSES


Term 5 

8th April - 18th May 


Term 6 

20th May - 29th June


Summer Academy Opening Dates:TBC  


Summer Academy - (deposit due March 1st ‘24)

Fire up for Summer Exam time with “Summer Ignition Masterclass Courses” - suitable for students who want to get exam ready at the speed of light!

Sephira Method of Teaching

The Sephira Method of teaching combines fundamental classical training with a crossover of contemporary & Irish influence. At Sephira School of Music, our advanced teaching techniques are derived from Sephira’s extensive global performance training, experience and exploration. Drawing from classical training at prestigious institutions including Guildhall School of Music in London, Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, and Mozarteum University of Salzburg, as well as performances on renowned international stages such as Royal Albert Hall, London, Radio City Music Hall, New York, and arenas across the world, Sephira have re-defined their classical foundation to craft an exceptional world-class career.  “The symbiosis and pure joy of working so closely with another musician to the point that your synchronicity is innate is what has driven us to impart the Sephira Method to a younger generation.



Masterclass Style Group Learning Explained: For more info, check FAQs

We're thrilled to be elevating to Masterclass Style Group learning at Sephira School of Music as an enriching alternative to traditional 1:1 classes. Designed to offer the benefits of group interaction while maintaining a focus on individual attention, these classes provide an engaging and collaborative learning environment for your child. We ensure that every student receives personalized guidance and tailored feedback, fostering skill refinement and growth. Your child will have the opportunity to delve deeply into musical topics, actively participate in discussions, and connect with peers who share their passion. By implementing this change, we aim to create a space where your child can thrive both as a musician and as part of our close-knit musical community.  Levels of progress & comfort of students within groupings will be assessed and tweaked, if necessary.



What is a Group Masterclass?

This is a benefit available with Elevate and Premium plans.  As your child elevates through the learning tiers, they will get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Sephira School of Music's Masterclasses – where large group expert-led sessions come alive. Delve into the benefits of precise guidance, collaborative learning, focused topics, and real-time practice. From performance opportunities to gaining inspiration, receiving constructive feedback, and expanding your network, our Group Masterclasses offer a direct path to skill enhancement. Embrace holistic learning as you journey through the realm of music, enriching your experience in every way possible.


What is a Performance Masterclass?

This is a benefit in the Premium plan. Performance Masterclass focuses on solo performance techniques within a group setting.  This learning environment will be hugely beneficial to exam students for both group and individual exam repertoire.

What is the Kidz Teach Kidz Program?

Sephira School of Music's "Kidz Teach Kidz" method is an innovative and engaging approach that fosters a unique learning experience for young musicians. Centered around the idea of peer-to-peer education, this method encourages beginner students to become both learners and teachers. In this program, young musicians take on the role of instructors, creating their own tutorial videos based on the skills they've acquired in their classes.


The "Kidz Teach Kidz" method aims to empower young musicians by allowing them to take ownership of their learning journey and contribute to a collaborative and supportive musical community. By creating a space where kids teach other kids, the program nurtures leadership skills, teamwork, and a deeper appreciation for music. Ultimately, this method goes beyond traditional learning by fostering a dynamic and inspiring environment where every student can grow as a musician and a mentor.

Formal Exams

In another exciting development, we are moving our examinations to the RSL Classical Awards & RSL Rockschool examination board.  


IMPORTANT: For those who have already purchased repertoire or exam books for the RIAM exams, you can use the same exam pieces for RSL Classical Awards.  If you would like to have further discussion with us about the changeover, or feel strongly about staying with RIAM for any reason, we are more than happy to discuss. Find out more in our FAQs 

  How We Communicate

We prefer to communicate via email, and all correspondence will be initially conducted through email. To ensure that our emails reach your inbox and not your junk folder, please add as an accepted contact. During SSM opening season, we endeavor to reply within 24 hours. Additionally, for present students, you can reach us on your private SSM Whatsapp Group for any immediate inquiries or urgent matters. If you do not have a private WhatsApp Group already set up, contact 085 2052384 to create one.

 Membership Tiers/Fees/Plans

Sephira School of Music Tier Pricing is calculated based on 10 month Membership access to an array of classes.  Depending upon tier choice, it can include some or all of the following: Weekly classes, Themed Rehearsals, Masterclasses, Parent/Student online portal with unique log-in details, Upskilling Online Tutorials, Grade Exam Preparation, Intro to Musicpreneur Mentorship, High Performance Coaching etc.  This approach ensures access to more for less and allows a fair and consistent pricing structure throughout the year - in turn providing parents with a predictable and affordable monthly payment plan while allowing your child to avail of a wider variety of classes and online supports.


Fees are automatically charged on the 15th of every month from Sep 15th - June 15th inclusive.


Fees will increase routinely on the 1st of April each year in order to keep up with inflation.

Missed Classes

Unscheduled Mentor Absences:

To replace unscheduled absences by mentors, if a reschedule is not possible, SSM endeavour to provide access to upskilling online Masterclasses sometimes offering unplanned performance opportunities -  encouraging students to keep up their practice in order to be prepared for unforeseen performances.  

Link to FAQs for more info.

Student absences:

If a student needs to cancel a class, we will do our best to offer an alternative time slot for that week, if one is available. If you need to cancel a lesson please login to the student portal to update your schedule accordingly. 

    Cancellations & Lesson Breaks

Month’s Calendar Notice required for Membership Cancellation:

Opting for a month's notice before canceling a Membership at Sephira School of Music brings forth a win-win scenario. This thoughtful approach not only enables students to wrap up their musical journey seamlessly but also empowers us to efficiently manage resources and uphold the vibrancy of our learning ecosystem. It underscores our dedication to fostering a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility between students and the institution, ultimately contributing to the overall success of both.


Should you decide to end your Membership without giving the required Month’s Calendar Notice, and if any classes remain unpaid due to the distribution of annual expenses, the remaining balance will be automatically deducted from the card you initially used for sign-up. In case of any issues with the card payment, Sephira School of Music's standard procedure involves sending a final invoice for payment. Should this payment not be received within 7 days, please be advised that Sephira School of Music reserves the right to engage an external debt collection agency as per our policy.


If a student desires to take a hiatus from Sephira School of Music, we kindly request a notice of one calendar month. To secure the student's spot, a retention fee equivalent to 50% of the monthly subscription is necessary. This reservation will be upheld for a maximum of 3 calendar months, after which it will be deemed forfeited.  Throughout the "Break from SSM" period, it is our endeavor to allocate the temporarily available slot as a subsidized opportunity to a student who might not typically have the means to access private instruction. The process of selecting recipients for this slot will involve a brief application or nomination procedure.

“Moving On” Chat & Form

At Sephira School of Music, we care about you and we care about your child.  In the unfortunate case that your child is choosing to leave Sephira School of Music, as part of their SSM conclusion experience and to also allow them a beautiful onward transition, we integrate a simple “Moving on Chat” and also request that you, the parent, fills out our “Moving on” form.  At Sephira School of Music, “The door is always ajar, welcoming you back whenever you're ready."

Cooling off Period

The Student has the legal right to cancel this agreement within the "cooling off period" as outlined in the Consumer Rights Act 2022 (Right to Change your Mind). During this period, which starts from the date of the agreement and lasts for 14 days, the Student can choose to cancel the agreement by notifying Sephira School of Music. Upon cancellation, the Student will receive a refund for any Masterclasses paid for but not received prior to the cancellation. Please inform Sephira School of Music if you decide to exercise your right to cancel the agreement.

Use of Photo and Video

By enrolling in our music tuition program, you grant Sephira School of Music permission to capture and use photographs or videos of the student for promotional and business purposes. These materials may be used in various formats, including print and digital media, website, social media platforms, and marketing materials. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and will not disclose any personally identifiable information associated with the photographs or videos. If you wish to withdraw consent, please notify us in writing. We assure you that the materials will be used safely, appropriately, and with respect.

Sephira School of Music reserves the right to amend/update its terms and conditions when necessary. Email correspondence will always be sent out regarding such changes.


We value your commitment to your musical journey and appreciate your adherence to these terms and conditions, which help sustain the quality and continuity of our program. Should you have any queries or require further clarification, please feel free to reach out to our Sephira School of Music team.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Sephira School of Music is a judgement free zone and we pride ourselves on our positive learning environment. In keeping with our positive environment, the school does not accept certain types of behaviour such as bullying, violence, sarcasm, name-calling, favouritism, abusive language or gestures, negative criticism of values, beliefs and opinions, and negative highlighting of physical, social cultural or emotional differences, and will intervene to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all. Good behaviour and respect for teachers and other students is expected.

  • There will be no supervision for students before or after classes. Parents/guardians are expected to collect their children at the appropriate time.

  • Smoking, chewing gum, & alcohol is not allowed on the premises or during class. Students and parents should respect the premises, making an effort to leave the place clean and in good condition.

  • Sephira School of Music reserve the right to refuse enrolment if a student or parent is continually disruptive, causes damage to the premises / equipment, or puts the safety of themselves or others at risk. Serious offenders could be at risk of losing their place at the school and / or term fees paid. Sephira School of Music reserves the right to discontinue the enrolment of any student who misses three consecutive lessons without notification, has a pattern of absences or who is constantly late.

  • We ask that parents and students show respect for other students in class. 

  • If parents need to talk to teachers, we ask that this happen at the beginning of the class rather than at the start of the next student’s class. Parents need to be aware of all our school policies.

  • Please note that all queries be directed to 085 2052384 or 

  • If Sephira School of Music needs to close for any reason (e.g. adverse weather conditions) the school may open during holidays at their discretion.  

  • If a student misses a class, that student is not entitled to a refund for that class as the teacher’s time is booked for that time for the whole semester.  The student can book into an open slot in another group pending availability.

  • Sephira School of Music reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher when necessary. Notice of this will be given where possible. All our teachers are Garda Vetted.

  • Sephira School of Music reserves the right to add to or change the terms and conditions.

Sephira School of Music COVID-19 Terms and Conditions​

  • If you have any symptoms of cold, flu, high temperature, symptomatic, please do not attend your class, notify your teacher and other arrangements will be made. For individual classes, if the child is well enough, an online session can replace the in-person session on this occasion.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available and students will be asked to use it when they enter, and when they leave.

Online Classes - Terms & Conditions​

  • By taking lessons online, you give the right for your teacher to contact you in relation to your music classes at Sephira School of Music, If you arrange an online class with your teacher and fail to attend at the appropriate day and time you will forfeit your class.

  • Please ensure that you attend on time for your class, as teachers cannot give you the exact duration of your class if for example you are 10 minutes late.

  • Please ensure that student is prepared and ready with online set up at beginning of class start time. Teachers cannot give exact duration of class if the student is not prepared to start on time.

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