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Strings Rock Orchestra Debut

 The students of Sephira School of Music & Drama have been making waves!  Following the success of your first “Superstar Online Concert”, SSMD have now been invited to take part in an online UK talent showcase presented by Dan Healy, lead of Tony award winning, "Once the Musical" and renowned guitarist for Ronan Keating. You will be performing on the same online showcase as Nikolas Metaxas - an incredible singer songwriter known from 

X-FACTOR Greece! He also supported Ronan Keating on his last UK Tour. 

When is the Strings Rock Orchestra Debut? It is happening on July 12th 2020 at 6pm on Balcony Open Mic Sessions presented by Dan Healy - stay tuned for more details! 

The performance is pre-recorded and will be in the form of a virtual video divided into lots of smaller screens with each performer having a screen of their own within the video. The piece we will be debuting is our ROCK version of Twinkle Twinkle called "The Twinkling as part of the Strings Rock Orchestra!

Scroll down this page to read all the instructions and find the sample video for the instrument you will be playing.

Can you tell me more about the Strings Rock Orchestra Debut video?

Of course! Here is a short video of Ruth explaining the process.

How do I take part in the Strings Rock Orchestra Debut Video?

It's so easy, just read the instructions below!

Step by Step Instructions for recording "The Twinkling" / Twinkle Twinkle:

The vibe is SO important: this project vibe is upbeat, fun and rock n’ roll - so let your personality shine!

STEP 1: Download the backing track here:

If you would feel more comfortable recording yourself playing along to this video, then you can do that either!

STEP 2: Play the backing track or this video from a device where the volume is loud enough to play along to. IMPORTANT: **USE HEADPHONES** Something to note is that we only want to hear YOU playing in your recording! Also, make sure that the room you record in is noise free i.e no dogs barking, etc.!!!!


STEP 3: Take video of yourself playing along to the backing track - don’t be afraid to stand out and do some fun choreography - show your personality! IMPORTANT: **Record in LANDSCAPE mode - hold your phone horizontally (not vertically) when you press record.**


STEP 4: Video 2 - Record yourself saying your name, age (if you want to give it away!) and where you’re from (town & country).


STEP 5: Video 3: Take a big bow, give a big wave or blow kisses!


STEP 6: Upload your videos to and send them to


Optional video: Record yourself saying the word rhythms along with the intro of each Twinkle Variation.

Variation 1: Coca Coca Cola (repeat 4 times)

Variation 2: Happy, I’m Happy, I’m Happy, I’m Happy

Variation 3: Run Rabbit Run Rabbit (repeat 4 times)

Variation 4: How are ya? How are ya? (repeat 4 times)

Variation 5: Mississippi Alligator (repeat 4 times)

What is the deadline for my video? 

Please have all videos sent via to by 6pm Fri June 26th.

Sample Violin Performance Video of "The Twinkling"

If you will be playing violin in the video, watch this for all of your entries and don't forget to shout "HIT IT!" before the last rhythm variation at 3:04!!!

Sample Guitar Performance & Tutorial Videos of "The Twinkling"

If you will be playing guitar in the video, watch this sample video as a guide and don't forget to shout "HIT IT!" near the end - the count in for "HIT IT" will be shown in this sample video!

Download the guitar sheet music here.

Piano Finger Pattern Video of "The Twinkling"

If you will be playing piano in the video, watch this sample video as a guide and don't forget to shout "HIT IT!" near the end - the count in for "HIT IT" will be shown in this sample video!

Download the piano sheet music here. 

In YOUR video, we want to see YOU and YOU playing the piano!

How do we watch the showcase on July 12th?

Via a Facebook Live Watch Party on Sephira School of Music Facebook Page at 6pm on Sun July 12th - link will be posted so please stay tuned!


The most important thing to do is SMILE and HAVE FUN!!!!


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