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Irish Superstar Orchestra

What inspired us to create "Irish Superstar Orchestra"? The simple answer is that we have seen our students’ progress literally knock us off our feet since they started playing together as a group  - they have all skyrocketed since starting in our Superstar Group Masterclasses.  Our Group Masterclasses offer our students a warm, encouraging and inspirational environment for them to flourish in both musically and personally.  By extension, our Irish Superstar Orchestra will be a bigger version of our Group Masterclasses offering more variation of instruments so that we give all our students the most rounded musical education possible.

As a result, we are very excited to announce OPEN AUDITIONS for our brand new Irish Superstar Orchestra. Any age/ability is welcome.


It will take time and patience to build to capacity but it will be a SUPER addition to our local area - a national gem in our local community.  We are taking confident steps towards creating our vision - we BELIEVE that with your help, we will get there.


How can you help?  Please spread the word! 


Venue: Duagh Sports Complex, Duagh, Co. Kerry

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Our Mission

Using the Sephira Method of Teaching (inspired by Ruth & Joyce O'Leary from Sephira) we aim to give our students the skills, confidence and resilience to perform fearlessly. 


Enrol NOW!

We are holding auditions very soon! To enrol and find out more, here's the form.

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